Insights from our research paper “Spotlight on Women in Tech: Fostering an Inclusive Workforce when Exploring and Exploiting Digital Innovation Potentials,” for the International Conference on Information Systems 2020, which won the “Best Student Paper in Track”. This paper was an inspiration for us to create a digital Ideation Hackathon on “Gender Equality in the Workplace” for over 120 participants, 30+ groups, that tackled 14 challenges and developed infinite ideas.

In the digital industries, as elsewhere, an inclusive workforce is essential to reflect the diversity of society and reach different customer groups. However, women are particularly underrepresented in the digital…

As a Meditation Teacher and PhD Candidate, this Pandemic has had the most profound learnings for me. For the first time, I allowed myself to be still and pause. To me, i like to compare it with the Madya — a space between. A technical term for the still point between two phases of movement. The Madya is a moment of pause and every movement arises from such still point. Like a pendulum that swings from side to side and then stops for a brief second before it moves over. That still point is an open door into the heart…

— From working at a tech firm and being a Professor to escaping the concrete jungle.

New York. New York.

From the moment, I fell in love with this city to the day I was able to move to NY from Germany, it took me 8 years of hard work and dedication. But to me, it was all worth it. I knew that one day, my dream will become reality. And so, it happened. In 2017, I moved to NY and was literally living a life, that was dreamier than I ever dreamed of. It didn’t take long until I became a real New Yorker, rushing through the streets and doing all the things the city…

Franziska Schmitt

PhD Candidate, Creative Strategist, Mindfulness Expert, Yogi and Marathoner. Author, Lecturer, Volunteer and Mentor. Dreamer, Believer, Doer and Achiever.

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